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Catch and Release Carp Fishing in Syracuse and around CNY by a Licensed Fishing Guide

Professionally Guided Carp Fishing Sessions in Syracuse and Central New York

Over the last decade, Central New York has been discovered to be a hot spot for the catch and release carp fishing world.  It would be my pleasure to take you to our local waters in search of these extraordinary game fish.

As a big game fisherman, I know a great sport fish when I see one. Pound for pound, carp are one of the strongest freshwater game fish I have ever encountered. 
Once the carp find your bait, most fishing sessions can have multiple hookups. These fish make very exciting, long, fast runs, and fight you all of the way back to the bank. This makes for a great day.

During a typical session, we will fish the banks of local rivers and lakes in CNY.  If you prefer, we can make arrangements to meet at your camp or home where I can teach you how to catch carp from your own bank or dock.

Carp fishing can be done practically year round!

If you have any questions or want to book a fishing session, please contact me at or text (315) 530-2193.

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