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March - May
From mid March through April, the carp are sluggish from the long winter.  Warm water tributaries emptying into bays or harbors are the best places to look for fish.  The fish don't feed heavily but you can have great action due to the concentration of fish.

In May, fish are in their pre-spawn phase.  Their metabolisms are getting higher now and the water is warming.  They feed heavily right up to spawn.  The females are huge at this time of year and full of eggs.  You can catch your biggest fish of the year at this time.  We will fish slackwaters, bays, harbors and creeks.  By the end of May the fish begin to spawn.

June - August
In early June, the fish are spawning and they can be difficult to catch at peak spawn.  This usually lasts about a week.  By late June into early July they should be in post spawn and the water should be warm by now.  The fish will move to deep dropoffs in lakes and to mid channels in rivers.  The fish will feed heavy at this time.

By late July and into August weeds become a problem, but the fishing is still great.
September - November
Fall fishing is my favorite time of year.  From September through October the fish are at their peak.  They are the strongest they will be all year.  They fight very hard and they are hungry.  The weeds are thinning out by now, making them easier to land.  Fall is also a good time of year to catch your big fish if you didn't get one in the spring.

At the end of October into November the fish are in deep water.  This water is now warmer than the shallow bays or the surface water.  The fish will stay there until the ice comes.
December - February
December is usually a good month, we will have to fish deep. 

Depending on the year in Central New York, I have caught fish into mid-January.

February is the only month I don't fish for carp, it is just too cold around here that time of year.  But March is right around the corner and the spring season begins again.
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