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About Me

Obviously I like to catch fish.  More importantly, I like to catch BIG fish.  I have fished the four corners of the United States and Hawaii, catching plenty of fish from marlin to tuna and everything in between.  More recently, I am into catching bluefin tuna off of my 20' Key West boat. 

Whenever I would see these giant carp swimming by,  I wanted so badly to catch one.  I did my research and went to seminars to learn how to catch these giants.  I have done this with every game fish I have chosen to pursue: snook, redfish, stripers, tuna, etc.  Carp can certainly hold their own with most of these species.  If you've ever wondered what it's like to catch a redfish or a striper, just hook a big old carp and hang on, because they'll bulldog you like a redfish then take off on a drag-screaming run like a striper.  That's why I love to catch these fish and would love to share this expereience with you.

My passion for Carp is recognized by my prize-winning 2010 tournament season landing in the money for both the Wild Carp Companies Advanced Strategies Adventures and the Mickey’s Bait & Tackle tournaments.

My efforts came together nicely in the Wild Carp Fall Qualifier where, along with team mate Sean Lehrer, we took 1st place and Biggest Fish.  I have slowed down doing tournaments and now just enjoy my time on the river or lake fishing with friends and family - or you!

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